Grower Deliveries

Emerald will process your deliveries as quickly as possible.

We will accurately sample and classify your grain, facilitate the sale to marketers or safely store your grain for later sale or redemption.

When you deliver you can choose to:

  • Sell upon delivery, or
  • Warehouse

Emerald also offers a post-harvest delivery option. This service enables you to continue to deliver after harvest has finished. Contact your local site manager to make arrangements. Emerald provides a number of information resources and services to assist growers in preparation and during harvest; these are explained in the how to section below. Service charges apply when harvest receivals are sold upon initial delivery as below:

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Prepare yourself before harvest begins

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Keep yourself informed during harvest

During harvest our Grower Service team can be contacted on our grower service line on 1300 880 432


Grower Outturns

Growers who warehouse their grain with Emerald can redeem their entitlement at a later time subject to site and grain availability. Once an outturn order request has been made and confirmation provided, Emerald will facilitate the outturn.

Emerald provides a number of flexible options for this process explained in the how to section below.

Service charges will be triggered upon completion of an outturn as below:

  • Receival, storage and outturn charges to the grower

For more details on service charges see Emerald Warehouse Terms and Conditions.

How to:

Our customer service team can facilitate the raising of outturn orders:

Given the importance of obtaining appropriate authorisation, outturn orders cannot be conducted over the phone, however please contact our customer service line on 03 9274 8880 for assistance with any of the above options.

Emerald’s customer service team and your local site manager will review and provide confirmation of outturn movement windows normally before the end of the next business day following your request.